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A site analysis report is the report which could give you an extensive idea about your website that, how your website is currently designed, what are the major flaws in its design and optimization, how to better optimize your site, where does it stand on search engines and better understanding of steps you might have to take to better optimize your site for more visibility and better results

In the site analysis report, we break out the work needed for your site in order of priority so that you know which area needs more effort and expense. With our report, you can hire someone in-house to complete the necessary task, or you can outsource it to Byteseo and save money.

A comprehensive blueprint for improving your site:

The areas covered in our in-depth site analysis report are as follows:

Keyword research and analysis:

  • Analysis of currently used keywords
  • Keyword research for targeted niche
  • Suggestions of best keywords to target

Competitive analysis:

  • number of pages currently indexed for your keyword
  • site analysis of competitors
  • link popularity of major sites in your niche

Current seo analysis:

Usability study:

  • site download time
  • navigation review
  • layout and design review
  • checkout process review
  • browser compatibility review
  • review of bad copy, errors and broken links

If you are in need for a quality site analysis report at affordable prices, Byteseo is the company you are looking for. We can provide your company -large or small – a complete site analysis report on a regular basis, upon request or as decided in the service agreement. Our site analysis report can be customized according to the needs of customers to include areas listed above. Our prices are very cheap and vary depending on the extent of detail and areas requested to be included and according to the size of the site.

Feel free to contact us to inquire about site analysis report and prices for your site.

Talk now with an SEO Consulting expert, available 24/7

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